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Megan Collins Quinlan

If you are searching for quirky, inspired and brand driven copy - you have found the right person

I started copywriting in 2007 when I realised a life behind a reception desk wasn't going to cut it for me. I needed to let that creative spark free before it burned me up from the inside. As a New Zealander, my style is fresh and unique, born from a natural tendency to express my opinions.  I have been in the UK since 1998 and fully understand all the little things that make this country amazing, while my degree in American Studies gives me a great perspective on that side of the pond. My working background began in finance and ended in construction, diverted by way of two kids and finally settled into lovely writing. If you we work together you will get a professional copywriter who has a commitment to a deadline and a personable nature that is expressed in the way I write.


Over the years as a copywriter I have built up a raft of great clients who call me week after week wanting this and that. I have written some pretty awesome websites, created some hilarious product descriptions and written some serious and professional news based articles. You name it - but at the end of the day (apologies for that phrase) my skills lie in finding out what people really want, where their passions lie and creating an image or brand that fits their needs. I guess I just like people. I am really hoping you will like me in return.


What I can do for you

I believe in getting to the heart of your needs quickly and with as few words as possible. The creation of your brand image is where it starts and words are the final representation of that process. I think you will love what the results can do for your business.


Website Writing

A good website which is clear, has a cohesive brand image and which speaks directly to your customers is an essential part of running any business. We will sit down together and discuss what you want from your website, the targeted audience and the image you want to convey. Then it is up to me to get to the crux. I provide the words which will capture your audience - what you do with them after that is entirely up to you...
I prefer working with websites which are already designed as this gives me an idea of the word count. However it isn't essential.

Direct Marketing

For when you know what you want to say, but you just can't put the words together in a way which sounds exciting. Internal or external communication, brochures, mailings, sales letters, advertising copy - you name it, it needs to be good. It should convey your message succinctly, with brevity and poise, capturing the essence of your brand and building a positive image. Let's discuss your needs over a coffee or a nice long telephone chat. I bet I have some tricks up my sleeve you haven't thought of yet.

Press Releases

Need some editorial advertising quicksmart? Got a new product, launching a fancy website or employing someone who deserves their praises to be sung? You need a press release and you need it to be written in the way only a writer knows how. The aim is to capture the attention of the journalist, forcing them to put your release to the top of the pile. I can give you a press release which will get you ahead of the competition, generating that all important press coverage locally and nationally.
Please note - I don't distribute press releases (yet) but there are plenty of agencies who will do this for you. 

General Copywriting

I can work from home or come to you and provide a full day or an hour or two of expert copywriting, designed to enhance your brand and release your inner voice. If you have an agency and need an extra bod for a day, just give me a call. Obviously, my specialists subjects are hinted at above, but maybe you have something else in mind?



How long is a piece of string? I hate to be vague (it annoys me too), but I just don't know what you want yet.

Having said all that, the following might help to point you in the right direction. I can also come up with a per project price designed just for you or a day rate designed to make the most of my time. Let's decide how best to stick within your budget together. I am good like that!  



Check out my clients

Take a look at the work I have been doing for my clients in recent weeks.

Websites, content, brochures or press releases - my clients are the lifeblood of my business. Without them and their amazing ideas, hard work and dedication to their dreams, mine wouldn't exist either. Here, I aim to show the collaborative nature of my work. Just click through to see the full size version. Some of these may also link to the websites themselves.
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